Your Beverly Hills Tours Have to Include These Locations

Beverly Hills tours

Upon the mention of Beverly Hills, our brains immediately bring forth images of luxury and decadence, which is exactly what you will find upon visiting the city. One of Los Angeles’s most famous tourist spots, the area is subject to dozens of Beverly Hills tours by the hour, and rightfully so. It should be a part of everyone’s visit to Los Angeles. If you are looking to learn more about what you can do in the city and build the perfect tour of Beverly Hills, here are a few recommendations.

Beverly Hills tours

Beverly Hills Civic Center

The tract of Santa Monica Boulevard between Beverly Boulevard and Rodeo Drive comprises what is known as the Beverly Hills Civic Center. The area is home to the Beverly Gardens Park, where you can find the iconic Beverly Hills sign and fountain. The famous sights are surrounded by beautiful lush green gardens, where you can sit down and enjoy the view of the nearby Beverly Hills City Hall, a wonderful example of the Spanish Revival style so prominent in Los Angeles in the early twentieth century when the building was first constructed. Right behind the building, you can also find the Beverly Hills 9/11 Memorial Garden, where a floor beam taken from the wreckage of the World Trade Center is exhibited in a monument meant to inspire self-reflection.

Rodeo Drive

Right down the street from the Beverly Hills Garden, you can find the famous Rodeo Drive, which you might recognize from countless shopping montages across movie history. Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Prada, and Gucci are only a few of the easily recognizable name brands that you will be able to find in this two-mile street in the heart of Beverly Hills. Even if you can’t afford to shop there, the street is a beautiful insight into what the lifestyle of the rich and famous is like. The luxurious boutiques, the cobblestone streets, and the iconic palm trees makes visiting Rodeo Drive an immersive experience beyond shopping.

Famous Mansions

Beverly Hills is home to many of the rich and famous we hear of so often, but a few of the homes in the city will evoke more recognition than others. For example, the renowned Greystone Mansion, which is open to the public, has been featured in more movies and shows that could count. The Social Network, The Bodyguard, X-Men, Spider-Man, There Will Be Blood, and The Big Lebowski are only a few of the pieces of media you’ve seen that have shot scenes in this beautiful mansion. More infamously, the Playboy Mansion is also in the area, although it falls right out of the Beverly Hills city limits. The former home of Hugh Hefner is still there, even if it is no longer owned by Playboy, and can be seen from the street right outside it.

Beverly Hills Tours

Are you visiting the 90210 anytime soon? Well, allow us to guide you through the Garden Spot of the World in one of our tours. Our team at All Day LA knows every worthwhile spot in the city and will make sure that you see everything there is to see in Beverly Hills and all of Los Angeles. For more information, call us at (818) 408-4701 and we’ll make the necessary arrangements!

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