Visit These Beaches as Part of Your LA City Tours

LA city tours

While in Los Angeles, you have to go to the beach. It’s pretty much a part of your unspoken contract with the city the moment you hop off the plane at LAX. The good news is that there are plenty of beaches for you to check out, each offering their own unique highlights and contributing something special to your personal LA city tours. If you’d rather know what you are looking for instead of hoping you blindly choose the right beach for you, follow our recommendations on what beaches to check out and why. 

LA city tours

Santa Monica Beach

Perhaps the most renowned beach in the Los Angeles area, Santa Monica Beach has everything you’ve come to expect from a California beach. Featuring the iconic boardwalk, you can stroll down the Santa Monica Pier and enjoy the Pacific Amusement Park. Our personal recommendation? Be sure to be at the pier at dusk, for you will be able to get on the Ferris Wheel and catch a beautiful sunset overlooking both the city and the sea. Additionally, there are plenty of food offerings, souvenir stores, and photo opportunities. If you have always dreamed of spending an evening enjoying a vintage boardwalk, Santa Monica beach is an absolute must-see. 

Venice Beach

If you are looking, however, for a different kind of vibe, Venice Beach might be the place for you. Around the beach, you will be able to find plenty of artists selling paintings or carving sculptures out of the sand. You will be able to experience plenty of great food places and bars right next to the beach, and you can even spot the famous Venice Beach skate park a few blocks away. An underrated point of the area is the canals that give it its name. Take a stroll down the bridges and canals that snake through the many beautiful houses of the area, all of which eventually wind up to the beach where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. It hardly gets any better than that.

Malibu Beach

Now, if you want to head over to the outskirts of the city, we’ve got the best spot for you. You might recognize the Malibu name because of its association with the rich and famous. You wouldn’t be wrong! Plenty of people you might recognize from movies and television call Malibu their home, which might sound like it makes it a very exclusive area. However, almost all the beaches there are perfectly public, yet they are significantly emptier than the previously mentioned ones due to their distance from the city. Great seafood restaurants and beautiful homes are part of the attractions of the area, as well as rocky cliffs and photogenic landscapes. You could forget you are within the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Expand Upon Your LA City Tours

Beaches are nice, of course, but they are far from the entirety of a good visit to Los Angeles. You want to make sure you visit all of the famous landmarks, from the Hollywood Sign to Beverly Hills, which is why we recommend you take a look at our top-quality Los Angeles tours. At All Day LA, we want to give you your dream visit to the City of Angels. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, just give us a call at (818) 408-4701 and we’ll arrange your tour in no time!

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